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Beyond the way - season 02

It's finally here. Beyond the Way Season 02 is being released as fast as it can be edited.

After a long delay, join me on my journey across Portugal and Spain in search of more pilgrims,

more wisdom, more cerveza and more blisters on the Camino de Santiago Portuguese.

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Much more content and news on The Way.

Join me on the 900 km pilgrimage from the south of France all the way to end of the world

on the western edge of Spain as I meet pilgrims and hear stories of life and wisdom on the

Camino de Santiago Compostela.

10 Episodes about love, life, loss and everything in between.

Beyond the way - season 01

Don't Stop Walking

Are you thinking about doing the Camino but want all the details tips and tricks to 

stay sober, keep motivated and reduce blisters while having a great time, then

Don't Stop Walking is the right place for you.

With plenty of details, thoughts and ideas about Camino life that you just don't get

from books, forums and those high brow films about spirituality and wisdom on the

Camino...Have you seen our sister program Beyond the Way?

THE journey

In 2014 I packed my trusty camera, tripod, a change of underwear, my luck kitty and a rain jacket and set off on a journey across Spain in search of cerveza, bocadillos and spirit. As a Non-theist I have no religious beliefs, but as a human i have a true belief in the human spirit, and an 800km pilgrimage was where i hoped to find it.


As a filmmaker I planned to find stories of hope, courage, spirit and the human condition, capture these moments through the eyes of a photographer, mix in wisdom from some of the best thinkers of all time (including Dr Seuss) and tell stories that are insightful, enlightening and entertaining. Thus 'Beyond the Way' was born.


Of course, not content with just working on one project at a time, I also managed to create a 6 part webseries called 'Don't Stop Walking!' a users guide to the camino. It answers many of the questions that are asked giving an accurate account of what to expect on your journey.

Portrait and actin shot of the filmmaker