After a very long delay the trailer for season 2 of Beyond the Way was finally released

in May 2019. I was fully expecting to begin post production afterwards, but then, as luck

would have it, I began filming completely different documentary the following week.

Thats just how documentaries are.

So I am hoping to resume production of Beyond the Way season 02 in early 2020.

Please enjoy the trailer.

Beyond the way

Beyond the Way is 10 short films about the wisdom of pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago.

These are life stories which we can all relate to, and learn from, presented on the stunning backdrop of the 800 km pilgrimage across Spain. Viewed through eyes of a self confessed hedonistic heathen, who seems out of place on a Catholic pilgrimage.


Episode 01: Oh the Places...

Arriving In St Jean pied de port to find new stories, I find myself confronted with my own judgemental nature.


Episode 02: Ascension

Leaving ​Saint Jean pied de port, to cross the Pyrenees with new friends Snap, Crackle and Pop.


Episode 03: In the name of the father...

Cousins Muffy and Rebecca speak of love, loss and the importance of enduring friendship.


Episode 04: Struggletown. Population, me.

When depression takes control, even grand adventures seems bleak and a new perspective is required.

Episode 05: Perfectly Imperfect.

In an imperfect world, the quest for perfection seems redundant. Especially when trying to impress new friends.

Episode 06: Walk, eat, sleep, repeat...

We can't escape the treadmill of life, even on the Camino. But it's good to get off the treadmill and dance.

Episode 07: The Golden Mile.

Life on the Camino is about simplicity. But when simple things fail, the kindness of strangers goes far.

Episode 08: The professor and his puppies.

When it feels like the Camino has defeated you, the right company is all you need to continue.

Episode 09: Some assembly required.

The Way has a lasting impact on many who have walked it. This pilgrim looks back at how his life has changed.

Episode 10: To the End...

The end of the Camino, is the beginning of the Camino.

THE journey

In 2014 I packed my trusty camera, tripod, a change of underwear, my luck kitty and a rain jacket and set off on a journey across Spain in search of cerveza, bocadillos and spirit. As a Non-theist I have no religious beliefs, but as a human i have a true belief in the human spirit, and an 800km pilgrimage was where i hoped to find it.


As a filmmaker I planned to find stories of hope, courage, spirit and the human condition, capture these moments through the eyes of a photographer, mix in wisdom from some of the best thinkers of all time (including Dr Seuss) and tell stories that are insightful, enlightening and entertaining. Thus 'Beyond the Way' was born.


Of course, not content with just working on one project at a time, I also managed to create a 6 part webseries called 'Don't Stop Walking!' a users guide to the camino. It answers many of the questions that are asked giving an accurate account of what to expect on your journey.

© 2016 Andrew Suzuki - Beyond the Way.