For my first blog (ever!) I've decided to write a poem. Like, share and comment if you enjoyed it.


The morning's chill,

stabs deep at my labour,

rusty joints and bones

sing bittersweet lament,

of last eve's bunk,

and this morn's ardour.

Muscles ache,

belly cries,

muddy mind,

bloodshot eyes.

Stepping through darkness,

The path is my life,

I wander through hardship

and stumble through strife.

Embraced by my bretheren,

they help me stand tall,

united we folly,

forward we fall.

Heaven awakens,

a crimson caress,

expelling the darkness,

with dawn's gentle kiss.

I step forward with purpose,

with grace and with praise,

for I am a pilgrim,

till the end of my days.

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