Pilgrims Lullaby.

Did you have an encounter with the Pilgrims Lullaby? I've written a poem about this common problem on the Camino...please share your stories.

A new episode of Beyond the Way will be online next weekend.

Pilgrims Lullaby.

The Way is walked

the day's away,

the feet are scrubbed,

the packs at bay,

the night is here,

I drop my head,

the pillow's soft,

and so's the bed,

I off the light,

and count the sheep,

I close my eyes

I'm off to sleep.

A giant snort,

a gasp

a sound

does shake the earth

from sky to ground

a dozen hogs

do screech the air

a sleeping pilgrim

snores down there.

Oh how he snores

with great pleasure

the bed shakes

the walls splinter

the ground creaks

the sheets billow

all is heard

from neath' my pillow.

Hey you,





disturber of the peace,

roll over,

or put a plug in it.


a gift of earplugs,

placed ginergerly in your nose,

Or perhaps, instead of plugs,

we shall insert,

your neighbours toes,

If toes,

they will not do,

we'll put a pillow

on your head,

and when that doesn't work,

we'll put a tractor on instead.

The constant oscillation

of the nasal instrumentation

accompanied by the Uvula

of the tuba variation

acounstics of the Dorm

provide a proud reverberation

No pilgrims, bar the one

can escape the situation.

And when he lets forth

furious gas

of wild contempt,

my eyes burn,

and lungs gasp,

if I pass out?

Asleep at last!

He sings his loud song,

all through the long night,

I restlessly turn,

and fumble, and fight,

I sigh and I whimper,

though sleep do I try

no sleep to be had,

whilst Pilgrims' lullaby.

Beyond the Way Episode 07 Coming soon.

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