Who wants a second season of Beyond the Way?

The last few months have been busy. I've been squirrelled away finishing up the last few episodes of Beyond the Way in Ubud, Bali, in a tiny cottage in the jungle. I have a giant lizard companion who lives in my roof whom I have named Norman...in honour of Hitchcocks character from Psycho. He likes to eat his dinner (what ever else is roaming around inside the roof) around 3am, so needless to say that paradise isn't always blissful.

But with season 01 of Beyond the Way almost finished, I have to ask,who wants a second season of Beyond the Way?

Let's go back! I want to go back and continue the journey, discover more wisdom and make another 10 films which inform, inspire and initiate change. Clicking HERE will take you to the Indiegogo campaign page, please have a look and contribute as soon as you can.

Campaigns like this are successful when higher targets are reached early, do please don't delay. If you value the work, the message, the vision and the inspiration then even a small contribution will make a huge difference. And if you can't contribute, then please share the posts.

Episode 08 will be out very very soon.

My absolute thanks in advance for your time and contribution.

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