The mysterious missing episode!

The backlash was incredible...almost as though a Grassy knoll-esque event had occurred and there was a secret cover up. My devices beeped and toned as viewers asked why the series had jumped from episode 08 to episode 10. Most were worried that they had missed episode 09 but some felt cheated and were angry...yes really! It was quite humbling that anyone noticed, let alone cared.

But the story was much simpler. I began the Season 02 fundraising campaign directly after the release of episode 08. I ran the campaign from a tiny cottage in the jungle surrounding Ubud, Bali. My neighbours were the rice farmers who toiled the fields and 2 giant monitor lizards who lived in my ceiling (Norman and his wife Agatha...yes i named them!).

I spent 2 months in that cottage running the campaign, 1 month preparing and then another month maintaining it. But the campaign was pretty unsuccessful from the start. So i redoubled my effort and redesigned everything, which took considerable effort. In that time I had committed to releasing EP09 in the first month and then EP10 in the lead up to the end of the fundraising. But alas, all my efforts had gone into turning the campaign around, so I decided that finishing the campaign on EP10 was the best way to have a crescendo to the campaign, which meant dropping 09. And it worked, as we clawed across the finish line the last few dollars dropped into the season 02 piggy bank and we had just enough money to film the second season.

I've continued to receive queries about episode 09 over the past few months, and I finally had the time and space to make it. so here it is, please enjoy EP09 Some assembly required.

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